Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.




Galerie Leger - Malmö, SE

Gallery Franz Pedersen - Horsens, DK

Galerie Aveny - Göteborg, SE

Devin Borden Gallery - Houston, US

Galleri Agardh & Tornvall - Stockholm, SE

Craigheadgreen - Dallas, US

Scandinavian Art Gallery - Abu Dhabi, AE


Upcoming exhibitions


'KLANG' - Paintings by Anders Moseholm/Music by Benjamin Koppel in Abu Dhabi - Danish culture live -7th March (evening) at Ambassador Merete Juhl's Residence




SPACE WILL NOT REMEMBER - Gallery Agardh & Tornvall - Stockholm, SE, 18th May 2017

(Title will be announced later) - Galerie Leger - Malmö, SE - 4th November 2017




'Hallucination' - Bremen, DE - 15th June 2017


(US not totally updated yet, but please check out Devin Borden Gallery in Houston)



If you would like an invitation to future exhibitions and events please send me an email.


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Phone : 001 (832) 728-8228


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